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You’re Selfish and Self-Centered’: Sheggz Blasts Bella After Getting Private Entertainment, Bella Apologises

A Level-Up ship that has caused mixed reactions on social media is Sheggz and Bella and the lovebirds recently had a heated moment. Before the fight, Bella had given her man a private dance entertainment session in the house.

You’re selfish and self-centered In several clips sighted online, Sheggz called out Bella for being selfish and self-centered whereas he is always selfless.

He continued by saying that he is always fixing food for them but Bella refusing to cook for him is out of order and unnecessary. In the middle of the conversation, Bella got up to dance to the Sweet Mother song playing in the background. The lovers continued their discussion and Sheggz tried to make Bella see the reason for compromise and being a team since they have decided to be together. He added that how he went about it by calling her names might not have been right, but he said that because he placed her on a high pedestal and he was angry. Sheggz also tried to equate her behavior with how she would behave when they get outside the house, and Bella asked him to wait till they were out before talking about family and dues. Lastly, Bella apologised for coming off as selfish towards Sheggz and she affirmed that she’s not selfish to which Sheggz still pointed out that she is self-centered but they will be alright.

Nigerians react to the drama midesmart: “Happy married life segun he’s goneee gone.” loretta_adjei_: “I like the fact that he is expressive and can voice things out when there is a need.” okorie_naydo: “Bella has a long way to go honestly,she isn’t just the girl for Sheggz.” susansibisi81: “Maybe it’s good they realized this now than later to work on their flaws.” maiatenyson: “On top how many weeks relationship ? ” gracie_signatures: “My sheggz..I love the way he do air his concern out…bella is still doing I’m not expressive yen yen..but she likes the attention but she doenst want to give.” hali5646: “Totally agree with the self centered part. Bella Bella Bella. ” BBNaija’s Sheggz and Bella captured in the sheets It has now become a constant to see Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemates pair up on the show and become a couple.

The latest ship that has gotten people talking at the moment is the relationship between Sheggz and Bella. In a particular video that went viral online, Bella was seen all cuddly in the arms of her love interest Sheggz while they shared a bed. Legit. ng recalls reporting a while back that Bella had once boldly told Sheggz that she would never share a bed with him because she doesn’t want him to fall in love with her. Source


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