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Yahaya Bello Defends Buhari, Says President Can’t Carry Gun And Be In Every State To Fight Insecurity




Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has urged his colleagues to see the task of curbing insecurity as their responsibility.

Governor Bello made the call on Friday when he pointed out that President Muhammadu Buhari can’t be in every state to tackle the insecurity plaguing the land.

Specifically, the Kogi Governor said it is unexpected of the President to “hold an AK-47 to come and secure my schools and roads.”

He added that issues of insecurity must not be politicized as the State Governors must also do all within their powers to secure their states amidst the general challenges of insecurity in Nigeria.

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According to him, insecurity didn’t start with the current administration and the Governors would be passing the buck if they push all the blames to the table of the President.

Naija News reports Governor Bello made the submissions on Friday in Abuja at his Second Annual GYB Seminar for Nigeria’s Political and Crime Editors and Correspondents.

“I’m not a governor that will expect the President to secure my state,” he said.

“I refused to politicize insecurity. Buhari is a man who loves truth and reality. I’ll let you know that the President loves this country.

“This insecurity isn’t a thing of the President though we should not pass the buck because that is why we came on board. It’s a successive failure of various administrations.

“The President will not sit in the Villa and hold an AK-47 to come and secure my schools and roads.

“Some of these crimes that we see today are more than what we see on the surface. I will never come out here and point out the flaws. Whatever I observe, in terms of loopholes and lapses, it’s between myself and the President to let him know.

“I will never be that governor who will come out and say that the President didn’t secure my schools and roads.”


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