Who is Black? Canadian health research must clearly define Black communities or risk failing their needs

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The use of precise, accurate language to define Black communities in health research must improve in Canada, or there is a risk that health research will not be able to meet the needs of Black people in Canada, says a professor of University of Ottawa in published commentary. if CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

In “Who is Black? The Emergence of the Correct Definition of Black Population in Health Research in Canada,” Dr. Jude Mary Cénat, associate professor in the School of Psychology, writes that the definition of “who is Black” is very different, which is different. resulting in widely reported research findings that may not reflect the reality and needs of the Black community.

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“Effective, reliable data should be used for research to inform public health policy, training policy health workers and traditional antisocial health care practices for Black communities,” said Dr. Cénat, who is also the Director of the Center for Black Health Research and uOttawa’s V-TRAC Lab .

“The inability to have regular time to compare Blacks in health research in Canada can create unfairness and hinder meaningful research on Black health in Canada.”

The use of ambiguous terms, including “African-Canadian,” “Caribbean,” “African” and others, prevents researchers from comparing findings and may result in the inclusion of people who do not identify as Black. skin is not in the study.

“Therefore, the answer to the question “Who is Black?” in health research is not good: identifying themselves as black people of different ethnic groups (for example, African, Caribbean, South American or Canadian),” said Dr. Cénat, who suggested. using the term “Black people, people or communities” combined with asking participants to identify their family’s country of origin and/or group they identify with, such as generational status, etc.

Addressing this may provide more insight to confirm this health research it actually influences public policy, health programs, strategies and action plans for Black communities in Canada.

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A sad part of everyday life for many Black Canadians

Additional information:
Who is Black? The urgent need to accurately describe the Black population when conducting health surveys in Canada, Journal of the Canadian Medical Association (2022). DOI: 10.1503/cmj.220274

hint: Who is Black? Canadian health research must clearly identify Black communities or risk failing their needs (2022, July 18) Retrieved July 18, 2022 from https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-07-black -canadian-health.html

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Who is Black? Canadian health research must clearly define Black communities or risk failing their needs Source link Who is Black? Canadian health research must clearly define Black communities or risk failing their needs

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