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Your weekly horoscope is here! Think long and hard about a special night, as the monthly emotional cycle peaks with sensual notes. Whether it’s a drink date with a friend, a classic dinner or a candle, embrace the moments and the world around you with passion.

Read on to discover what’s available for your autograph during the week of November 14th to November 15th, 2021.


Money is important this week as emotional security may feel tied to financial and physical security. Understand what it might be tinkering with so you can deal with it. What do you need to feel stable? Reset your perception to see options you didn’t notice before. There are countless choices. Perhaps brainstorm with friends who have different views to inspire fresh perspectives and Eureka moments. Check for imbalances between yourself and what you share with someone else and make sure they are equal and reciprocal.

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April 20th-May 20th


This week is all about you, as the full moon ripens with your sign on Friday. Pay attention to what the light reveals. What is fascinating you now? If your direction, outlook, or look can be reset or pivoted, spend a week working on it. This is your chance to balance the project you and the project us, the key figures or relationships in your life. If things are tilted in either direction, clarify them and set boundaries. Be sure to pay attention to each area rather than sacrificing the other area to prioritize one, as extra demands in the carrier sector can create challenges.

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May 21st-June 21st


Immersion and intensity in the work zone is best balanced with the time you stop and zone. If you feel like a company, aim for a high vibration situation, perhaps an artistic or spiritual class that lifts vibrations. Keep the conversation in mind and listen to your body this week. As Friday approaches, your dreams may become superfluous, so make fun of them by setting up a journal to record them when you wake up. If you have any questions, we welcome answers as epiphany is possible, but this is subtle, so don’t think too much and read the signs.

Weekly Horoscope: November 14 to November 20, 2021 Source link Weekly Horoscope: November 14 to November 20, 2021

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