Virgin Radio’s Kate Lawler shares honest thoughts on work return after maternity leave

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Virgin Radio presenter Kate Lawler has opened up about her return to work in an Instagram post.

The presenter has had nine months off work on maternity leave so she could look after her baby Noa.

She posted snaps of her back in the studio upon her return to work today, including including one of her looking triumphant with her arms outstretched.

She was also seen standing back-to-back with Virgin Radio star Dom Stirling and leaning on co-host Conor Drew as he pointed at her.

The star said being back with her co-hosts had made her “feel alive” and that she felt like the “old Kate was back”.

She started her post by telling of her delight at returning to work, saying: “Yippee, I’m back on the radio!” as she thanked her fans for sending her messages of support to her.

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Kate was seen standing back-to-back with Virgin Radio star Dom Stirling
Instagram/ @wonderwomanshel)

The host, 41, said she was “grateful that I was able to take the amount of time off I needed and come back when I was ready”.

She also told how her return to work was not made easy due her feeling anxious about not being there for key moments in Noa’s life.

The former Big Brother star said: “I’m sure if you’re a parent you may have experienced these feelings after having a child too? Maybe you haven’t but I’ve felt incredibly worried about leaving Noa, not being there for bath and bed-time, having others care for her etc.

“The thoughts I have are often intrusive, I start to think of hypothetical scenarios, extreme events that are unlikely to happen and I start to spiral into a dark place that leaves me feeling awful, both mentally and physically.”

The host, 41, said she was ‘grateful that I was able to take the amount of time off I needed and come back when I was ready’.
Instagram/ @wonderwomanshel)

She explained she has “had help with this habit” and is “slowly but surely, feeling less anxious about leaving the house and being back on @virginradiouk”.

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Kate also advised her new-mum fans that if ‘they’re struggling with the idea of going back to work, they’re not alone’ and it is “okay to take more time off if you’re able to and don’t be afraid to tell others how you’re feeling”.

Discussing reuniting with Dom Stirling and Connor Drew, she said being back with the presenters had made her feel like the old her was back.

Kate has had nine months off on maternity leave so she can look after Noa

She added: “Yesterday really surprised me too. Once I was back in the office with old colleagues, mucking about with @domstirling and @ayyconnor, doing a job I love and having a little break from being a Mum, well it made me feel alive again, like the old Kate was back. I can’t wait to do it all again today.”

The 41-year-old has been open and honest about being a new mother and the challenges she has faced since welcoming daughter Noa with her fiancé Martin in February.

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In May she told of her worry about returning to work too soon after welcoming her daughter Noa in February.

The broadcaster took to her Instagram Story and asked her followers for their opinion about whether she will “feel like herself again” when she goes back to work full-time.

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