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VIDEO: California border agents rescue man caught in riptide near border wall



SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Border Patrol agents rescued a Mexican man who nearly drowned last week near the border barrier that extends into the Pacific Ocean.

A border agent on patrol spotted someone in the water and soon realized that the man was struggling to stay afloat and bobbing in the water.

The rescue happened just north of the border barrier between San Diego and Tijuana. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

According to the Border Patrol, the agent immediately called for lifeguards and fire rescue.

Other agents arrived at the scene before two of them took off their service belts and boots and jumped into the water to rescue the man in distress.

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An image taken from a surveillance camera shows Border Patrol Agents bringing rescued swimmer to shore. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

The rescue was captured on video by Border Patrol Cameras mounted above the beach.

Two unidentified Border Patrol Agents saved a swimmer’s life just north of the U.S.-Mexico border. (Customs and Border Protection)

“One of those things you have to make a judgment call, that will oftentimes put yourself in harm’s way to save someone else and that’s regardless of immigration status, regardless of any factor, they see a human life in need and they’ll go through great lengths to save that person,” said Jacob Macisaac, a Border Patrol spokesman.

Macisaac said the agents were able to reach the man before he went under, pulled him out of the rip-current, and brought him safely to shore. 

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The man, who was an adult Mexican citizen, was treated by EMS and lifeguards who arrived shortly after. Once cleared after a medical evaluation, the man was subsequently returned to Mexico.

After talking to the man, agents realized this was not an attempt to enter the country illegally, but simply a swimmer who got pulled further into the ocean by a rip current pushing him into the water on the U.S. side of the barrier.

“Our agents never cease to amaze me,” said Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke. “Today and every day, our agents go to great lengths to help those in need, often at great risk to their own safety.  Their selfless actions saved this man’s life.”

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