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Who is an Entrepreneur? 

An Entrepreneur is the owner of a sole Proprietary Business, taking all the risks to develop, organize and fund the business to Maximize Profit. 

It is one thing however to be an entrepreneur and yet another thing altogether to be a Successful Entrepreneur  

Oh yes! One can be a successful entrepreneur by building and expanding empires of vast Businesses with an increasing number of Workers.

Now it is important to note that being successful as a businessman is an intentional Act. You must work for it and not wish for it! 

There are skills you need to acquire if you must be able to succeed as an entrepreneur managing his or her own Business. 

An entrepreneur must be Resilient, Be Bold Enough to Take Risks, Have an Expansion Mindset, and Must Have Managerial and Financial Skills. 

Give me a few more minutes of your time as I briefly discuss these important Skills of an entrepreneur stated above. 

This is one of the greatest Skills an Entrepreneur must never Joke with. 

Do you know why? 

This is because Business is not always rosy! 

There are gonna be some days you wish you can give up, some days when the odds are down. 

The last thing you need now is to give up if you still see some rays of light(it is important to have a future forecast of your business now, to see if any added energy can yield better results)

There have been Stories of so many entrepreneurs who failed so many times but because they saw a glimpse of light, they never gave up, so today they are considered Successful. 

Risk-taking is one of the Skills that defines a Successful Entrepreneur. 

As an entrepreneur, most times your breakthrough lies in discovering Risks that can yield profit and investing in those risks.

I call them Risks because one can’t be 100% sure whether the investments can come out successful or unsuccessful. 

However, it is important that while taking risks as an Entrepreneur, you must be able to take calculated Risks! 

Do not invest more than you can’t bear to lose in a new venture, that is the hack! 

But if it’s for Risks, Go for it! 

In Some Risks lies your next big Success! 

If you must succeed as an Entrepreneur, you must have a mindset to Expand. You must see your business beyond the now! 

What heights would you want your business to get to? 

Where do you see your business in the next 10 years and what are you doing to get there! 

What are you doing to meet the technological expectations of businesses in the coming years? 

Are you just comfortable where your business is making moderate profits for you? 

You must expand! 

But it must first be in your Mindset! 

If you lack this skill as an entrepreneur, you make profits but not be able to manage and allocate it well in your Business! 

This is why every entrepreneur must go for financial and managerial training to be able to utilize their resources well; both Human and Financial resources.


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