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“There’s no one for you to kiss again in this House, as you can see everywhere don choke” – Whitemoney tells Angel



WhiteMoney, throws a subtle shade at fellow BBN Housemate, Angel, during their discussion at the garden.

Immediately after the Ultimate Veto Power Game, the Housemates were spotted in the garden gisting about the current situation of things in the House.

During their random gist, Angel raised an argument that Cross is such a great flirter.

However, that accusation doesn’t sit well with WhiteMoney who felt the need to protect the integrity of his friend, Cross.

Whitemoney made it clear that Angel nearly kissed all the male Housemates during the early stages of the Show.

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He said: “I don’t know if this is coming from you that Cross is a great flirt. How many guys have you kissed in the House?”.

Angel felt the need to quickly respond to Whitemoney’s question. She said: “I have only kissed two boys in the House. What I mean is aside the kisses during games. I have only kissed Cross and Boma”.

Boma was at the Executive Lounge and it only happened once. Cross is my best friend and I have had a thing with him in recent weeks. Though, it won’t repeat itself again”.

In reaction to that response, WhiteMoney said Angel always tries to take Sammy off the list of the people she has kissed in the House.

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He said: “It’s not just Boma and Cross that you have kissed outside of games. How about Sammy? You just like to keep that boy out of your list.

There is no one for you to kiss again in this House. As you can see everywhere don choke”.

Considering the current situation of things in the House, it is easy to agree with WhiteMoney on this.

There are just five male Housemates in the House at the moment. It is unlikely Angel would get an opportunity to kiss Emmanuel, Saga, Pere, or WhiteMoney before the end of the Show.

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