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The Ultimatum: Are Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr Still Together?



Alexis had been dating Hunter for two years before giving him the show’s “marry or move on” ultimatum. However, neither of them seemed exactly happy about the idea of their partner living with someone else…

What went down on the show?

…So they didn’t! While the couple complied during the show’s first two weeks by separating and feeling out the other contestants, Hunter shocked everyone by proposing to Alexis in episode three, before the “trial marriage” stage. Of course, Alexis accepted. The couple left the series at that point but Alexis returned in episode seven for her bachelorette party…and to get updates on everyone else’s drama.

Are they still together?

As far as we know, the pair are still engaged. In an interview published by Us Weekly on April 6, Hunter and Alexis opened up about the proposal. “I made the decision the night prior. During the mixer that we had the night before was the first time I actually got to see Alexis and interact with her one-on-ones since starting the show,” Hunter told Us. “And that really helped sort of solidify a lot of the feelings that I was having around, ‘Hey, do I want to propose or do I not? What is it like for me dating all of these people then coming back and being with Alexis?’ I really wanted to answer for myself, how would I feel? And we really kind of dived right back into our relationship.”

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He continued, “It was great to see her. I really felt a strong connection with her upon being with her again, [which] made me realize, ‘OK, all of these connections that I was having and making with the other women were because of personality traits that Alexis already had.’ So I was like, ‘OK, I’m ready to propose, let’s do this.’ And so the night before I knew, and it was very difficult for me to keep it quiet because all I wanted to do was interrupt her when she was expressing how much pain she was in.”

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