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When Americans traveled and gathered in a pre-pandemic way for Thanksgiving, there was news that the World Health Organization had designated the Omicron variant of the coronavirus as a new “mutant of concern.” In response, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 900 points on Black Friday, marking a nasty start to what many wanted to have a record vacation spending season.

Important details about Omicron’s transmissibility are unknown, but it is already clear that this variant can undermine American pandemic recovery efforts. In addition, it could further complicate the Democratic Party’s ability to maintain a parliamentary majority in next year’s midterm elections.

The Democratic Party’s political fate in 2022 depends primarily on Americans who feel pretty good about pandemics and the economy by next fall. As a result, the introduction of this unpredictable and potentially contagious variant within a year of elections could result in even greater Democratic losses than many had already expected. I have.

When the Delta variety spread in the summer, President Biden’s leadership often proved inconsistent and indecisive. As a result, his approval rating declined and did not actually recover. This shows that Omicron can have equally harmful political consequences for the president and his party, further highlighting the president’s weaknesses in dealing with unexpected crises.

Early in his term, the Americans mainly felt that Biden was doing well with his pledge to end the pandemic. The bailout bill was passed, his administration dramatically accelerated the pace of vaccination, and his approach to the pandemic was his unpopular predecessor antithesis.

But with the proliferation of Delta variants, Americans complained about the protracted virus and the White House’s seemingly mixed message of vaccine efficacy. At the same time, inflation and consumer prices have risen, and supply chain bottlenecks and labor shortages have continued to slow down the quality and speed of economic services that US consumers are accustomed to.

Prior to the Delta variant, Biden’s overall approval rate in most polls was in the mid-1950s, and his approval for pandemics remained in the late 1960s. Currently, according to the Economist / YouGov poll, less than half (44%) of Americans approve Biden and 50% disapprove.

In addition, the same percentage of Americans (44%) approve Biden’s coronavirus control in the same percentage as disapproved (44%). And now, according to a new Hill-Harris X study, two-thirds (68 percent) of voters are very or somewhat concerned about Omicron variants.

As for the economy, as the recent ABC News / Washington Post poll shows, seven out of ten voters say the economy is in poor condition, and only a few have approved President Biden’s treatment of the economy. 39%.

Pandemic-related economic dissatisfaction is one of the driving forces behind Biden’s low approval rate, and the introduction of Omicron variants only complicates government efforts to turn the economy around.

With regard to the urgent need to curb inflation, Omicron is at odds with their goals of creating a particularly difficult environment for the Federal Reserve, lowering inflation and securing a strong labor market.

On Thursday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell showed that central banks are taking prudent steps to raise interest rates to curb inflation. Price stability. And in a sense, the risk of sustained high inflation is also a major risk of returning to such a labor market. “

Controlling inflation is primarily the responsibility of the Federal Reserve, but half of voters blame Biden for high inflation. And while the Fed’s tentative steps to raise interest rates are likely to be the right move to curb inflation, the highest level in 30 years, the pandemic’s unpredictable trajectory is: It makes it difficult to predict whether doing so will have unintended consequences.

Supply chain bottlenecks caused by pandemics also fuel the economic dissatisfaction of voters. On Monday, President Biden invited several retail CEOs to the White House to discuss supply chain issues and inflationary pressures.

However, as with the FRB’s move to lower interest rates, will the economic uncertainties brought about by the Omicron variant help President Biden’s efforts to help supply chain problems or improve consumer sentiment? Is difficult to predict.

The political implications of the Omicron variant for President Biden and Democrats – Press Telegram Source link The political implications of the Omicron variant for President Biden and Democrats – Press Telegram

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