Teen Mom: Family Vacation Devolves Into Screaming Fight on First Night


largely promised Teen Mom Madness Come later Teen Mom: Family vacation, Especially after Fara arrives.

Even the premiere showed that the premise was a disaster recipe-in ​​a good way.

Well, that’s good for the viewer. Not very good for some moms’ images.

After the “scream therapy” round, things were almost hit, and it was only the first night.

The premise displayed on the screen is that Maci Bookout and Cheyenne Floyd have arranged an escape, but not the guest list.

of course..

Maci and Cheyenne didn’t seem to know who else would appear. At least that seems true.

“I want my mom to understand that we are much more similar than different,” Mashi said at the resort.

“And there’s a lot to learn from each other,” she said.

Deeply and sadly reminding how much their lives have changed, Mashi added, “This will be a spring break we have never seen before.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion Cast Pose

Cheyenne didn’t seem a bit optimistic and observed “a lot of pettyness” among some of the cast.

Still, she expressed hope that this experience could bring some of them closer.

The women arrived and met in a blender to greet them.

This was when Mashi and Cheyenne first learned that Farrah Abraham would be part of the group.

“We didn’t get along with her, but we also said we should involve everyone,” Mashi said.

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Mashi correctly added Fara: “She’s just mean.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion Cast Toast

Fara’s ominous arrival was still in the future, and the opening conflict was more related to Jade, Brianna, and Ashley.

Jade and Brianna felt Ashley was rude to them on social media.

Jade wanted to keep her distance, Ashley just wanted to be a fake nice (like an adult you know), but it backfired on this crowd ..

To throw gas into the fire, production includes a life coach in a mixer.

Life coaches work well on reality television because they don’t feel embarrassed, aren’t affected by wrinkles, and promote “therapeutic” unnecessary conflicts.

That’s exactly what this was, and on the first night I urged my mother to solve all the problems.

Cast screams at reunion of teen mom family

She didn’t stop there and urged the women to engage in what is called “scream therapy.”

Literally, mom was asked to shout out what she disliked about herself and someone in the group.

This awakened nightmare happened, and some of the answers were almost humorous brands.

Lear admitted that there was a real problem in trusting people.

Amber yelled at the man she dated, instead of being responsible for one of her abominable behaviors.

Mashi confessed his fear that he was “not enough.”

Amber Portwood intensifies to teen moms: family reunion

Of course, Brianna frowned, complaining about the “fake.”

She revealed that she was talking about Ashley, not afraid to turn her subtext into a clear criticism.

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Ashley was offensive online, but at the resort it was fake (like an adult), so Brianna thought it was “crazy”.

“Given the fact that we are both on television, I think it might have swelled,” Ashley said.

“I think it would have been different if you and I had the opportunity to talk,” she added.

Ashley admitted, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said s–t.”

Teen Mom Zipline: Family Reunion

“It’s big enough to say I should never have said s–t,” Ashley asserted.

She then said, “And the way you move forward is the way you move forward.”

But Jade was willing to drop it.

“What I’m seeing here is the way you’re talking to me, a different person than what I’ve experienced online,” Jade observed.

“You try to bully me online, you try to take me down, say all these really toxic things,” she accused.

“I came here, you’re hearty, you’re fine … but I saw you saying nasty things online,” Jade said. “I feel like two people.”

Teen Mom OGS09E16 Amber Portwood 01

This fierce conflict was happening in close proximity.

Amber, who is familiar with how anger turns into violence, has expressed concern that this could be physical.

Ashley promised no plans to hit anyone and continued to forgive her actions.

Briana DeJesus needs a Teen Mom: Family Reunion Medic

Jade didn’t have it, shouted, “We all have our own f–king problems!”

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“Come to me as an adult of f–king,” she requested, “Don’t attack me online!”

This was when a producer sharing Amber’s worries intervened to create some space between the women.

Cheyenne was nursing her wine as she saw this unfold in the distance.

Mashi was surprised: “Literally one of the nights? This will be a long journey!”

Lifecoaches, meanwhile, were pleased and encouraged by the controversial turmoil.

But in reality nothing was solved. Ashley is now accusing Jade and Brianna of being “fake like f–k.”

Security had to intervene to prevent Jade from becoming unresponsive.

Ashley created the situation by twisting her to curse her.

“I’ve never actually seen anyone argue at the same time with a twist,” Cheyenne was surprised.

Amber states:

This is just the beginning of nonsense … and Fara isn’t there yet. What a world.

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