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by sima88

The festive period is where people wind down, relax, and eat away all the summer bodies built during the year. With TechCabal’s Christmas Watchlist, you can fulfil this mission.

Many people often spend hours looking for the perfect movie for the perfect meal. This season, TechCabal has decided to make things easier for you. We’ve curated a list of five Christmas movies you’re guaranteed to love. Now, you can spend less time browsing Netflix for what to watch and instead, spend your precious time wondering just how many calories you’ll consume.

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The best part of TechCabal’s Christmas Watchlist? Well, all the movies are set in African cities!

How to ruin Christmas

Tumi is up to her antics again, and this time it’s killing someone…allegedly.

In the first five minutes, she swears at a child. There’s also a proposal at a crematorium, Shadrack and Succulent are closer than ever, and by the end, somebody eats cremation dust. 

It’s not entirely Tumi’s fault this time, we promise, but in typical Tumi style, she destroys and then rebuilds again. 

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Get on Netflix and start your chaotic journey with the Sellos and Twalas in this South African comedy.

A Naija Christmas is second
A Naija Christmas

Directed by Kunle Afolyan, this Netflix Original is advertised as “Nigeria’s first Christmas movie”. 

The fun, family movie is about three brothers bringing home brides to appease their dramatic Nigerian mother during Christmas with the hopes of winning her house. 

Find out how everything goes wrong while simultaneously laughing your head off.

This is Nollywood star Rachael Oniga’s last movie before she passed, and the movie is dedicated to her. 

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A Zulu Christmas is third on TechCabal's Christmas Watchlist
A Zulu Christmas

Christmas in many African cities is never complete without people going home a.k.a. the village, or township. 

When a spoiled city boy is dropped off at his grandmother’s rural KZN home for the holidays, he has no idea the shock he’s in for and the lessons he’s about to learn about Christmas and chores.

This is an endearing and heartwarming tale about family and the roots that build them. Log on to Showmax and enjoy streaming this from anywhere. 

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A Christmas Surprise is fourth on the list
A Christmas Surprise

While you’re on Showmax, also check out A Christmas Surprise

It’s a funny story that follows the usual Christmas theme of wacky families and in-laws. In true Christmas movie fashion, the movie follows a woman who has to deal with her daughter’s engagement to a less-than-ideal son-in-law and his own domineering mother.

6 Hours to Xmas
6 Hours To Christmas

With Nollywood’s recent uprising, you might be feeling nostalgic. 

This Christmas, get on IROKOtv and go old school Nollywood/Ghallywood with this wacky, chaotic movie about a not-so-single creative director who receives a “gift certificate” from a work colleague he’s attracted to. This gift certificate can only be redeemed in her bedroom and he has to decide between his girlfriend and work colleague with many twists and turns along the way.

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