Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young: Married! At Last!


Tarek El Mussa and Heather Rae Young are both housing market experts.

But you know what they say about their home, right?

In reality, that’s where the heart is.

This means that we can formally say:

Tarek El Mussa and Heather Rae Young are at home with each other.

In far less confusing words?

They are married!

Flipping 101’s host and Selling Sunset Star made a vow on Saturday night near Santa Barbara and were surrounded by loved ones, including Young’s famous colleague and children from Tarek’s first marriage.

“We are best friends, true soulmates, and our love is very rare and very special.” Young told People magazine.. “It’s the love I’ve dreamed of all my life

Added El Moussa to this same publication:

“I’m excited to live this life with her. We have two babies, we have a family and we have a very bright future.”

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The famous couple was also published on social media with their union.

“I’m married !!!” Tarek kisses in an Instagram story while he and Heather are standing at their children, Taylor (11) and Braden (6), and the rest of the wedding reception. Announced with the video.

Meanwhile, people also have some of the more fashionable details from the incident.

To wit:

Heather wore a fitted white corset dress with French lace, long sleeves, and a keyway back custom-made by Israeli designer Gallia Lahaf for the ceremony. When At the reception, Tarek went with a black velvet tax lined with a skull and crossbones print.

The stars were engaged in July 2020, celebrating their first anniversary on Catalina Island, off the coast of California. This was about a year ago when I met through mutual friends.

On Friday, the brand new spouse celebrated with a rehearsal dinner. “I’m ready to say,’I’ll do that,’” Tarek wrote on Instagram with a photo of the pair.

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“This is strange. When I asked me four years ago, I would have said I would never get married again, and to be honest, I didn’t expect to find love.

“One day Heather jumped on my boat, looked at me, smiled, and the rest is history. Thank God for that day.

“My life will be much better with you … let’s do this now !!”

Written Young in the summer:

“I will marry my man soon!

“It’s all happening, and what’s crazy is that I’m actually calm and relaxed about it.

“Talek and I are on the same page as everything we want and everything else we have entrusted to a great wedding planner.

“We are excited to spend the rest of our lives together, which is what we really want to celebrate all day long.”

The wedding and its preparations were filmed with a one-hour special title Tarek and Heather the Big Eye Do, Will air on Discovery + in December.

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Marriage was first for Young and second for El Mussa. El Mussa separated from Hark (his flip or flop co-star) in 2016 after working as a husband and wife for seven years.

(Haack married his second husband, Ant Anstead, in December 2018 and is now engaged to an Austin-based realtor. Joshua Hall.. )

Congratulations to Tarek El Mussa and Heather Rae Young!

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