“Someone who lost her husband will still want to apply to make up to look fine” Actress Toyosi Adesanya mocks colleagues, yoruba movies


Popular actress, Toyosi Adesanya Ileyemi has disclosed that she doesn’t watch Yoruba movies anymore even when she features in them because they don’t have depth like the old movies released years ago.

In a recent chat with City People, the actress said “Not to be sentimental, we are not making movies these days, we are just making magic, if you get to my place, you will see movies like “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile, Saworode amongst others, those are great movies.

Even my own movies at times, I don’t watch them. As a producer, you have a vision, but marketers will tell you, the marketing strategy won’t let you do it that way. Can you remember, Abulesowo by Yinka Quadri, Asiri Nla, the soundtracks alone will want to make you watch the movies? I was part of the people that made the soundtracks, but what we have these days is totally different. Someone who lost her husband in a movie will still want to apply to make up to look fine, then the soundtrack is usually totally off, so all these things are affecting our jobs.”

Speaking further on the sex for role saga is presently eating deep into the industry, Toyosi Adesanya said “It happens in all professions, if you want to become an actor, it depends on your focus, when I joined Odunfa in 1993, I had someone I dated, my boyfriend then had nothing, just a mare actor.

I was very little back then and there was nothing like that. So, I feel it depends on the approach people give to life. I was among the actors that went to stay with Otunba Adebayo Salami during the movie “Ilu Ole”, my parents had to write a letter that I was little and needs to be taken proper care off. Nowadays, people coming to the industry with the hope of sleeping their way through didn’t get the stardom they desire. Stars are born they were not made. For 28 years in the industry, if I am working on the street and nobody can even say oh we see you in our movies, then it is a slap on my face. In our industry today, if you don’t have the skills, then you will be lost. Is Dimeji Lateef the most handsome man in our industry? No. But he knows what he is doing, and many others like that, so it is not all about sex for roles.

We are trying our best. I am a member of TAMPAN, the President Otunba Bolaji Amosun (Mr Latin) and the executives are trying their best. They are working tirelessly to get things done properly in the industry. Our fans are complaining both at home and abroad and I strongly believe things will get better. They are trying to sanitise the industry.” She said

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