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Say What? Raising Cane’s Sends Corporate Staff To Work In-Store Amid Staff Shortages


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Raising Cane’s is sending its corporate staff to work in their fast food stores as staff shortage continues.

4. Sandwich combo at Raising Cane's

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

When the pandemic came in like a thief in the night millions, around the world were laid off at a moment’s notice, sending millions to unemployment benefits in order to not completely drown in their bills. The harsh reality of the situation is that it broke the cycle of people working under-paying jobs they likely would have never left.

Many are looking to get back to work after the unemployment benefits have since expired, but they aren’t willing to risk their health and safety for minimum wage. Many have found work in higher paying jobs and work from home jobs, leaving minimum wage jobs and fast food restaurants with staffing shortages. Instead of raising wages, though, everyone has weird solutions to help fix the problem. Some McDonald’s locations have reportedly offered bonuses and even iPhones–but Raising Cane’ may have the wildest solution we’ve seen yet.

The chicken finger chain is taking their corporate staff and making them work as fry cooks and cashiers in their stores. Of course, this isn’t a great long term solution, but corporations are going to any length to avoid raising wages. In the end, they might as well give in as every solution thus far hasn’t worked.

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