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In a sense, the 2021-22 Las Vegas Raiders are like Dante Hicks’ most famous character in the 1994 movie Clarks. “They aren’t even supposed to be here today.”

Not many people expected the Raiders to go very far into the season. Sure, they were better drafted than in the past, but AFC West’s cream seems to have been either the chief or the up-and-coming Chargers.

However, the Raiders made a longer shift on January 15th, while other teams were called sick or unsuccessful (Colts) here, and the first playoff victory since the franchise defeated the Tennessee Titans. Hope to defeat Bengals for Super Bowl.

How did they come here? Their road was more memorable than the Cormac McCarthy road. The Raiders defeated Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Miami 3-0 to make an optimistic start before losing to the Chargers and Bears (sorry, the boss).

Prior to the match against Bears, the league learned that head coach Jon Gruden had sent misogyny and anti-homosexual words in many emails over the past seven years. It happened shortly after the 10-year-old email from Gruden was published. Shortly thereafter, Gruden resigned.

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So I could understand if the team would play flatter than the 10-day-old Bud Light when they visited Denver to play against Broncos in October, but that never happened. They defeated Denver and defeated Philadelphia. The Raiders were optimistic again, with a 5-2 record on Byweek. What could go wrong?

After all, it’s all. Wideout Henry Ruggs III was involved in a fatal car accident in Las Vegas. He was charged with drunk driving, driving at 156 mph, killing 23-year-old Tina Tinter and her dog, and then dying and driving recklessly. With the right decision, the Raiders released the rug.

The Raiders then lost to the Giants and started a 1-5 skid. At the same time, Raiders’ outstanding tight-end Darren Waller and solid running back Josh Jacobs were injured and entered and exited the lineup.

becomes terrible. During the losing streak, a video of cornerback Damon Arnette swinging his gun and threatening to kill him emerged. So the Raiders made the right decision again and released him. You would think that’s it, the Raiders are over. Stick them with a fork.

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Shortly thereafter, 22-year-old rookie Nate Hobbes, a cornerback in the starting slot, was arrested and charged with drunk driving. Hey, how difficult are NFL players with the money they earn to hire a limousine driver? Uber? A friend to drive?

But magically, the Raiders won four games in a row, beating playoff teams such as Cleveland and Indianapolis. Then the final game of the epic 18th week won against the Chargers, who had more twists and turns than Lombard Street in the hurricane. And here, despite “they aren’t even supposed to be here today,” they are taking full advantage of the dreaded situation.

Jacobs and Waller are now healthy. Hunter Renfrow saw Chuck Norris’ punch and caught it for a touchdown. Max Crosby was on the face of every quarterback.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Derek Carr will be the “clerk” female who brings you lasagna. Carr is loyal while other signal senders cheat or fail. He wants to be a raider. His 4,804 yards are the fifth in the NFL this year. Sure he throws a share of interception, but have they been better long-term signalers for the franchise since Ken Stabler?

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And these are the best types of teams to support. There is no pressure to support such a vulnerable person. Raiders are playing with home money. It’s like their cousin gave them an extra $ 2,000 at a blackjack table. Would you like to split those seven? of course? It’s not your money.

Everything the Raiders are about to do is icing on a very filled cake. So enjoy it. Yes, Las Vegas is vulnerable to Bengal and they are not expected to win.

But something strange happened, and the Raiders could expose Bengal. And, as Randal Graves tells the clerk, “Isn’t it more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others?”

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