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Yes, you heard me right. Cubana is Just A Marketer For Iki Leads, Producers of Odogwu Bitters.

For the past one week, Odogwu Bitters has been trending on Instagram and many other social media platforms. Introducing Odogwu bitters, Obi Cubana said “Let it be on record that within a week, we were able to change the bitters narratives, bitters is now a luxury, Previously, people believed bitters were only for men, but today, fine and successful ladies are smitten with Odogwu Bitters. Big people are proud to hold the drink and film with it.”

Obi Cubana’s delight with the Odogwu Bitters stems from the fact that, within a few weeks of Odogwu bitters’ introduction into the Nigerian market, he was able to change the bitter’s narratives, as it is now, bitters is now regarded as a luxury.

But what people don’t know is that Obi Cubana is not the brain behind the odogwu Bitters, neither is he the one producing it, Odogwu bitters is produced by IKI Leads which is owned by Innocent Onwunali, a Nigeria-based wholly-owned firm involved in distilling, blending, packaging and marketing of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Iki Leads is, mainly known for its flagship products such as; Pasa Bitters, Meridian Brandy and Meridian Ponche.

In other, for the company to control the market share of bitters, it has to consult Obi Cubana, who over the past years has used the Cubana brand identity to bring huge returns to investors who have partnered with the Cubana Brand.

Note specifically that Obi Cubana, the brain behind the cubana brand is not the owner of all the businesses under the Cubana brand. Obi Cubana is just a brand influencer who successfully built a good brand name wherein investors capitalize and register their business under the Cubana brand name and apportion a percentage of the business to the brand.

This is exactly what Iki leads who previously was producing bitters that is named Pasa bitters and which controls no market share in the bitters market. Now it has partnered with the Cubana brand and re-introduced its bitters with the name Odogwu and in partnership with the Cubana group, it is set to control the market share of the bitters Market industry by leveraging on Obi_Cubana’s huge social media influence.

Cornel Osigwe.

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