Phoebe Robinson: ‘Everything’s Trash’ Interview

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“Sometimes the way that [my character] blows up things, you wish you could have those sort of freak-out moments,” Robinson says of her character’s exaggerated edges. “But in real life you don’t want to do that because you’ve been raised right.”

Read on for Robinson’s thoughts on Bono, Brooklyn, and what’s to come. 

You’ve worked with so many different mediums—podcasts, books, and now TV. Why did you want to make the leap to TV? 

I love TV, I love sitcoms, I love friendship hangout shows, I love rom-coms, romantic comedies, and I feel like we sort of put all of that into a blender and that’s kind of what the show is. I really love my brother in real life, so it’s great to have the central relationship of the TV show be Phoebe and Jayden and to show sibling love and familial love. 

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I think a lot of shows about a single woman in wherever are sort of like, “Is she going to end up with a husband. Is she going to have kids?” We really just wanted a show to not be so deeply concerned with that.

Has your actual brother seen the show yet?

He and my sister-in-law flew to New York to watch the premiere. It was great, and we’ve been texting and chatting and stuff. I was on the phone with my mom before this interview, and she was saying how much she likes the show, so it was pretty cute.

Did they have any issues with how anything was portrayed?

No, because I mean, the show is obviously a mix of fictionalized stuff with some stuff that’s true to life. In the writing room we just really wanted to make the funniest show possible that has a lot of heart.

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Are there any sitcoms or romantic comedies that really inspire you, either from the past or present? 

I loved rewatching Martin. And Happy Endings—Jonathan Groff, my showrunner, show-ran Happy Endings. I love South Side; I think it’s one of the funniest shows out there, and I really am obsessed with it.

There’s been a lot of talk about prestige TV—the golden age of television—and the seemingly endless stream of really dramatic content. It does feel refreshing to have a sitcom that shows the joys of everyday life. Was that something you consciously pursued?

Yeah, I just wanted to make a comedy that was actually really funny. Life is heavy enough, and I just really enjoy shows that make you laugh and you can sort of forget your problems for a bit.

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I love some of the clothes that Phoebe Hill wears. How would you define her style versus yours?

Well, I’m a fashion head too, admittedly. I really love clothes and everything. I think her fashion style is really eclectic. She’s someone who doesn’t have a lot of money, but that doesn’t stop her from being able to turn out some really cool outfits. 

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