Neoen Australia Battery to Provide Grid Stabilisation Service in World First

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MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Neoen SA has won approval for its big battery in South Australia to provide inertia service to stabilise the grid, a world first for battery energy storage in the push to replace fossil-fueled generators, the French firm said on Wednesday.

Inertia is key to the stability of grids and has become trickier to maintain with the influx of intermittent wind and solar power and retirement of coal-fired plants. South Australia is the state most heavily reliant on wind and solar power.

Until now, utility-scale batteries have mainly been used for frequency services and soaking up surplus energy for release in short bursts to boost power supply.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), which helped fund testing of the system over the past two years, said the project was pioneering in demonstrating the full technical capabilities of batteries with advanced inverter technology.

“Improving the economics of energy storage is going to be key in our transition to high shares of renewable electricity,” Chief Executive Darren Miller said in a statement.

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