Home Entertainment Mr Beautiful in trouble as Ghanaians attack him over his LGBTQ comments

Mr Beautiful in trouble as Ghanaians attack him over his LGBTQ comments


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Social media users have voiced out their displeasure over comments made by Ghanaian actor Clement Bonney popularly known as Mr Beautiful about the LGBTQ Bill.

They expressed their anger to the comic actor for saying gays and lesbians should be allowed to enjoy their rights and face their consequences alone.

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In an interview, Mr Beautiful asserted that members of the LGBTQ community should be given the green light to do whatever they want since it’s their choice.

“I’m not gay but if someone wants to be one why not allow him or her? If someone thinks that being gay is what makes him or her comfortable, then why not? 

God has created a natural means through which a man and woman should enjoy sex but if some people do not prefer that, then it’s their choice. 

If that’s what they want, let’s allow them but they will suffer the consequences later,” Mr Beautiful opined.

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Irked by his comments, some social media users hurled insults at him and advised him to keep his comments to himself.

Read some comments below;

This comes after Sam George with other Members of Parliament proposed a law criminalizing homosexuality and many forms of LGBTQ support and activism.

The proposed bill could see LGBTQ community members imprisoned between five to 10 years for identifying or advocating for their rights.

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