Lindsay Lohan signs up for her own podcast, how long before she bails?



Lindsay Lohan exits the Mercer Hotel for a night out

Lindsay Lohan exits the Mercer Hotel for a night out

There has been an effort to rehabilitate Lindsay Lohan’s image and career for several years now. I believe the younger people simply weren’t paying attention to Lindsay’s Cracken Years, and they have a misconception that perhaps Lohan was a victim of tabloid culture and child-actor drama. Honestly, all things can be true: in some ways, Lohan is a victim and in other ways, Lohan was always the unprofessional, chaotic, narcissistic a–hole. I bring up this rehabilitation effort because people keep making the mistake of counting on Lindsay to suddenly work or be a professional, like 2007-2017 never even happened. I guess every generation needs to learn that Lohan is a grifter con artist who will take the money and run. Speaking of, a podcast studio has signed Lindsay up to do a podcast. How many pods will she do before she bails? I think maybe three?

Lindsay Lohan is to get behind the microphone with her own podcast. The actress is launching the untitled audio series with Red Arrow Studios’ Studio71 with tentative plans to launch later this year or early next year. Lohan is set to “share her authentic voice” and listeners will get “a chance to experience a never-before-seen side” of the Parent Trap star.

It comes after Lohan signed up to star in a new Netflix rom-com feature about a newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter after getting total amnesia in a skiing accident.

Studio71, which is behind podcasts such as The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo, Brittany Furlan’s Worst Firsts and Bob Saget’s Here For You, will develop, produce and distribute the series. The Red Arrow-backed first is ramping up its investment in female hosts after data indicated that its slate of shows are appealing to a younger, female demo, compared to the traditionally male-skewing podcasts. It found that 75% of the network’s listeners are between the ages of 18 and 34 and 55% are female.

“I’m excited to partner with Studio71 in the development and production of my podcast,” said Lohan. “I’m looking forward to connecting with more of my fans and having intimate conversations with friends and thought leaders across all industries.”

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[From Deadline]

Lindsay would genuinely be a good podcaster, she knows tons of gossip and she could really tell some stories. The problem is that it’s a job and Lindsay will have huge issues showing up for any kind of job. By the second podcast recording, she’ll be faking an illness to get out of it and by the fourth recording, Lindsay will be on a flight back to Dubai or wherever the f–k she lives now. Remember when MTV got into bed with LL for her Club Lohan series? LOL. Lindsay basically created a half-assed beach club, showed up drunk for a reality show, then the scam was over in a few months and MTV got the hell out. The beach club is no more. This podcast is gonna be like that, only worse.

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