LeBron James accused of sharing dangerous Covid meme


The NBA icon LeBron James ignited a social media debate after sharing the meme. This seems to suggest that there is little difference between Covid and the common colds and flu.

James posted a variation of the famous “Spider-Man points to Spider-Man” meme on Instagram with 106 million followers, labeling each figure with “covid,” “cold,” and “flu.” Added.

“Help people,” wrote 36-year-old James with a “shrug” emoji.

Some argued that the post was a controversial message from the King of the LA Lakers.

“This is too reductionist, affecting and reinforcing a lot of the false information we had over the last two years about’it’s just the flu’,” Dr. Rajpal Brar tweeted. Did.

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“Yes, the situation in Covid is changing, and our tools are changing, but portraying this is not the way to do it.”

As a “face of the NBA,” one fan said James should label the meme “dangerous and insensitive” and take more responsibility for his message.

Fully vaccinated James was recently restricted to bystanders after a false-positive Covid test.

Athletic Ryan Cole argued that the Lakers star might just be exhaling his frustration with the NBA’s testing process and Covid protocol, but the post was still called “bad.” rice field.

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But others were pleased with the message. Barstool Sports boss Dave Portnoy said he and James could finally agree on something.

The Lakers have been hit by losing many stars due to the Covid-19 protocol, but James is at least in line when playing Brooklyn Nets in a Christmas day match.

Nets doesn’t have some celebrities, including MVP candidate Kevin Durant, but he can call James Harden.

Four-time NBA champion James tweeted that he was “excited” about the game. This will bring the Lakers icon Kobe Bryant to the NBA’s most Christmas games to date.

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