Kim Kardashian’s sex tape leaks online (Video)

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape leaks online (Video)

The best home-brewed celebrity adult film in history is longer than we have a tendency to thought, folks! That’s right, we’ve the EXTENDED version of the Kim Kardashian sex tape and therefore the additional scenes ar NASTY as hell! Kim’s dirty ways in which in these new free clips with Ray J can leave you foaming at the mouth…Let’s simply say this muggy sex video simply went up a couple of hundred notches!

The busty Kim proves she’s a DOWN ASS BITCH. we have a tendency to bet you won’t last thirty seconds observance the new further footage!

So why did they plan to leak this never-before-seen action now?! thereforeme folks speculate Kim’s management team were holding out on United States on purpose! They knew this is able to be a decent thanks to get promotional material for her name complete within the future. They were right!

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We all recognize the Kim K complete is one in all the foremost renowned brands within the show business – is there any name therefore connected with sexiness? everybody is aware of her ample ass is to die for, being the fast focus of any space she enters.

Being on [*fr1] the magazines within the country doesn’t hurt either – she’s quite virtually a page turner. And with the celebrity that she’s got from qualitative analysis Kanye West, having a baby, and being on maintaining with the Kardashians, it’s virtually simple to forget that what got her out there within the 1st place was a sex tape with Ray J – World Health Organization has created his own song as a alert to Kanye, language he “hit it first”!

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And Kim Kardashian’s full sex tape is perhaps the simplest there’s out there, and positively one in all the foremost standard – the sole real competitor for fame would be Paris Hilton’s. After all, wherever else might you get such an excellent shot of Kimmy obtaining banged bow-wow style? Originally a “private” video shot on vacation, Ray J should have thought that it absolutely was too smart to stay to himself.

And we’re all happy he did – Kim’s therefore fine that it’s simply an improbable expertise to observe her get reamed and moan in pleasure. though he claims it absolutely was “leaked” it’s laborious to believe it – he’s bragged such a lot concerning it currently that it appears not possible it absolutely was unintentionally.


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