Jesy Nelson cries while making music video for her first solo single Boyz


Jesy Nelson cried while making the music video for her first ever solo single.

The former Little Mix singer, who quit the band last year because of her mental health, shared a video of the behind-the-scenes process of making the video for her track Boyz.

In the YouTube video, Jesy can be seen getting emotional as dancers audition for the video, which is yet to be released.

She told the dancers that “every single one of them” had “blown her away” as they competed for the chance to be in the video.

The video started with the dancers arriving at the studio and Jesy sitting behind a desk ready to welcome them.

Jesy can be seen getting emotional as dancers audition for the video

Jesy said: “Today we are at Studio 68 and it’s a very exciting day today because we are auditioning dancers for my brand new music video Boyz.

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“I’ve been dancing since I was about 11-years-old and it’s one of my main passions in life. I’d say it’s definitely up there with singing, maybe more.”

In the clip Jesy was wearing a white jumper, baggy black shorts and trainers as her staff got the studio space ready for the auditions.

Jesy auditioning the dancers

The dancers were then seen rehearsing the moves.

Jesy then said: “So today the boys are gonna be learning the choreography that I’ve already learnt and then they’re gonna be performing it to me and then after that every single dancer is gonna get to freestyle for me.

“It’s so important to me to audition dancers because I just honestly feel like not every dancer in the industry gets the opportunity to be in music videos like this, to get all the best dancers in the UK into one room.

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“You don’t always get to see than in an audition, sometimes people shine when they get to freestyle.”

Jesy was thrilled with the auditions and rehearsals

Jesy said the auditions were “absolutely incredible” and “insane”.

After the auditions finished Jesy was seen crying, wiping her tears and hugging other people in the studio.

Speaking to the dancers, Jesy said: “I just want to say literally thank you so much for coming today, you’ve literally blown my mind, every single one of you and you made me cry.”

The video then cut to two weeks later when the dancers who were chosen were in rehearsals.

Jesy’s debut solo single Boyz comes out this week

“It’s just been so much fun,” Jesy said. “Normally I find rehearsals quite stressful but this has been a really, really fun experience.”

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At the end of the video, Jesy said she can’t wait for everyone to see the Boyz music video as it’s like a “movie”.

Boyz, which Jesy worked on with Nicki Minaj, will be released on Friday.

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