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As the week following his start in Game 2 of the Atlanta-National League Championship Series progressed, one thing was revealed to Max Scherzer.

“I’ve burned my arm too much,” said the 37-year-old Dodgers right-handed player on the field before Game 6 at Troisto Park. His fourth appearance in the 12 days of this postseason.

“I was obviously more tired than I expected. I burned my arm a little too much. Unfortunately, it only delayed the timeline. As I said, this is not a real injury. My muscles I’m tired. It’s a dead arm type. ”

Scherzer said he “has no regrets” about launching Game 2 of the NLCS three days later after stealing the ball to the innings to conclude the NL Division Series with the San Francisco Giants.

“That’s hindsight. I felt good enough to go,” Scherzer said. “Still (after 4-1 / 3 innings in Game 2), I felt I had reached the limit and played at the right time. At that point my arm was very tired and I thought I could recover.

“I just had muscle fatigue and thought it would subside normally. It usually takes a couple of days if the muscle fatigue is very good. I was off. 4 days It happened.

“See, I’ve pitched many times, but I’m not 100%. You can navigate the lineup and get out of the game and just survive. I’m in Game 2. I thought I did that. I thought I got out of there at 80 pitches fast enough for my arms to recover. That should have been enough, especially for 6 days. Unfortunately, I thought it wasn’t. I’m tired of that. That’s our predicament. ”

Scherzer’s teammate Dodgers second baseman Trea Turner, who has been in Washington since 2015, relied on his three-time Cy Young Award-winning pitching readiness assessment.

“He pitched a lot in the last seven or eight years I’ve seen, but he didn’t pitch a few,” Turner said. “He knows when his body can go, so if he can, I’m sure he’ll be there.”

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts explained that Scherzer had “three day ones” and said that every day was the day after the start and he felt that recovery was not progressing.

“He couldn’t get over such muscle fatigue. Usually after a few days of running and a few days you wash it off and you’re back. He’s never reached that point.”

Scherzer said he couldn’t play the catch more than 60 feet until Friday, when the team played the catch at Dodger Stadium before boarding the plane to Atlanta. Scherzer stretched it up to 90 feet during the pitching session. Walker Buehler was throwing at the same time.

Scherzer said of Buehler, who started Game 3 on Tuesday, “he felt like he was in a much better place than I was.” “Mark (formerly pitching coach) agreed. We’ve all said together that Walk is the best option to market Game 6, so here’s what we got from Game 7.”

That required a Dodgers victory in Round 7. However, Scherzer said he was “confident” that another day’s rest was enough to start a potential exclusion game.

“I don’t know where my line is,” he said. “I don’t know how much or less (he will be able to participate in the game).”

Roberts said the Dodgers “potentially” considered using an opener for Scherzer and could go deeper into the game with a limited number of pitches. Roberts also said Julio Urías will be available from the bullpen in Potential Game 7.

‘I overcooked my arm on this one’ – Press Telegram Source link ‘I overcooked my arm on this one’ – Press Telegram

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