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The San Diego County Independent Subdivision Commission reviewed four dramatically different district maps last week as it considered different scenarios for updating the county’s supervisory boundaries.

The map, created by demographer FLO Analytics, provides a major overhaul to the current district line, from horizontal schemes where each district extends from east to west to other schemes, including straight coastal districts from Coronado to Encinitas. is showing.

At a meeting on Thursday, the Commissioner focused on the challenge of maintaining the North County community in one supervisory district as it approached the December deadline for submitting a resection plan.

Due to demographic changes over the last decade, San Diego County needs to adjust its boundaries to maintain a “reasonably equal population” in each district in order to comply with the Voting Rights Act. The Commission balances the number of members in each district while avoiding the division of cities, neighborhoods, and “communities of interest”, including areas of common geographical, economic, or cultural interest. Must be taken.

This could raise a nasty equation for North County, which includes about one-third of the county’s population, extending to residential and rural communities along State Highway 78 and the northern backcountry along Interstate 15. There is sex.

At the current border, the city of Escondido is contained in the second district of Encinitas, Delmar, Solana Beach and Miramar, and is represented by Director Terra Lawson Remer.

Citizens have voiced their preference for keeping North County together, but only one of the four draft maps has Escondido in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad. Grouped with the cities of. However, the map excluded the backcountry communities of Fallbrook, Bonsole, and Valley Center, which are also identified as part of North County.

“I feel that Escondido is the cornerstone of the eastern end of the (state highway) 78 Corridor,” said Jacques Russ. “But we also understand that we cannot own all areas of Escondido, Carlsbad, and the northeastern quadrant.”

Members of the population also called for the North County district to support the common interests of the region in protecting agriculture, fighting wildfires, and securing political representatives of the large Latin population.

“The Fallbrook, Escondido, Oceanside (and other) communities have all grown together over the last 120 years,” said Tom Flue, a volunteer historian of the Fallbrook Historical Society. “Please do your best. I think we can improve these.”

Lillian Serrano, who lives in Escondido, has asked the Commission to move Carlsbad to a potential coastal area and pull Escondido into the northern area.

“I was personally disappointed when I saw the draft map yesterday, saying that none of the draft maps reflected my community of interest and did not protect the Latin county voting block in North County. I think, “Serrano said. “We share a lot. Same community clinics, grocery stores, and street fairs. Remove Carlsbad from District 5 as much as possible in the unincorporated areas of Fallbrook and the Valley Center. I ask you to include more. “

Some commissioners said they were reluctant to exclude Carlsbad from the North County district, noting that other members had previously expressed a desire to keep Carlsbad Airport within its boundaries. ..

The draft presented on Thursday marks the starting point. They will be updated on December 15th through a series of meetings and hearings leading to the adoption of the final district map.

Draft Map 1 shows a horizontal area extending east to west from the inland coast. In that scenario, District 5, now represented by supervisor Jim Desmond, includes all North County cities except the unincorporated backcountry and Escondido.

Supervised by Supervisory Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher, District 4 begins at Encinitas and Solana Beach and continues through the Poway to part of the backcountry.

District 3, currently served by Lawson Remar, covers most of the coast in central San Diego and includes central San Diego, Santi, and El Cajon.

District 2, covered by supervisor Joel Anderson, contains many of the currently unincorporated East County. Draft Map 1 includes Coronado, Lemon Grove, and Lamesa, but stops short of the backcountry area.

District 1, represented by supervisor Nora Vargas, stretches across the border from Imperial Beach to the county border.

The following draft map replaces District 5 in the northern region of the county with District 4, creating a vast jurisdiction covering almost all backcountry of the county, in addition to central San Diego and Poway.

District 5 includes the North County cities of Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista and Escondido.

District 3 covers part of the city of San Diego, inland with Santi, El Cahon, Lamesa and Lemon Grove.

Similar to Draft Map 1, District 1 extends across the border from the beach to the backcountry.

The third draft map shows a variation of that scenario. District 5 continues to include almost all unincorporated land in the north and all North County cities except Escondido, which is part of District 4.

In Draft Map 4, Districts 2 and 3 are reversed, District 2 covers the inland cities of Santi, El Cajon, Lamesa, and Lemon Grove, and District 3 covers the city of San Diego and part of the coast. Cover.

Many commissioners and speakers said they preferred draft maps 2 and 3 over others.

The Commission has instructed FLO Analytics to return using modified versions of these two maps, but the scenarios for configuring the North County district are different. We will consider a modified version of draft maps 2 and 3 at the hearing on November 1st.

This is the first time San Diego has appointed an independent committee to draw the line, even though California started a similar process in 2010.

According to the census, San Diego County has seen a 6.6% increase in population over the last decade, adding 203,301 inhabitants. However, some districts have grown more than others. None of the districts in San Diego County showed depopulation.

In District 3, represented by Lawson Remer, the largest change was seen with an increase of 8.6%. This was followed by District 5, with the area of ​​Desmond increasing by 7.5%.

District 4, represented by Fletcher, had the lowest growth of 4.9%.

Proposal for subdivision by supervisor

Map 1

Supervisor to repartition Map 1

Details of Proposal 1

Map 2

Supervisor repartitioning Map 2

Details of Proposal 2

Map 3

Supervisor to repartition Map 3

Details of Proposal 3

Map 4

Supervisor repartitioning Map 4

Details of Proposal 4

How should North County fit in new San Diego County supervisor district boundaries? Source link How should North County fit in new San Diego County supervisor district boundaries?

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