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Get your RPA project executed 30% faster through Jade Intelligent Automation Framework



Let’s talk about automation:

Let’s talk about automation that we all love. Apart from the hype of predictive analytics and self-autonomous systems, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has rapidly caught up with the market over the past few years for business process automation and iterative operations.

By adopting RPA, companies can reduce operating costs, improve overall customer satisfaction, increase the transparency and visibility of service functions, and reduce manual labor.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be used in any industry. Therefore, it is like connecting dots. RPA connects bots to processes and data. The role of RPA is to handle the tactical rule-based productivity work that governs the process. It automates the processing of routine tasks among all participants in a business transaction workflow. Many vendors offer software for RPA, but they work well with other vendors because they can create digital workers to help accelerate tasks and increase productivity in many areas such as finance, sales, and customer service. You are selecting a solution to work with. Respond to the ever-increasing amount and complexity of business transactions.

With technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, RPA helps organizations increase efficiency, create the highest value, and drive end-to-end digital transformation.

RPA Enterprise ROI:

Top performers are almost four times more profitable on RPA investments, while other companies are almost twice as profitable. (Everest Group)

But are there any challenges? Why do some people struggle and others double and quadruple?

Companies implementing automation are faced with the creation of increasingly complex and complex processes. Thousands of input data are managed each week, and data complexity is growing rapidly. Building a feasible and efficient digital workforce requires a processing approach that can solve these challenges. As a result, many organizations struggle to measure their actual ROI through RPA programs over a period of 6 months to 1.5 years.

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Enterprises are turning traditional automation usage into next-generation applications that perform high-value tasks that are not routine, but require human intelligence and workflow flexibility. It is changing gradually. The core competence of progressive technology service providers is to scale up the RPA product suite itself, including request processing, form processing, and other text analysis / data conversion-based automation processes. This requires creative human resources support to face the technical challenges specific to the organization.

The Jade Intelligent Automation hybrid framework is the foundation of each enterprise automation implementation and is generated by integrating artificial intelligence with the robotic process automation (RPA) platform. A technology-agnostic framework.

Jade Global’s Innovative Approach:

The IA hybrid framework helps automate complex processes that were previously thought to be too effective to be automated. Today, this is the possibility of a self-learning cognitive bot (using Jade’s template engine and Kanverse) that can apply AI and ML with NLP. The main features of the JadeIA framework are:

  • use Jade’s template engine, You can avoid using the cognitive features of digital documents. This improves the accuracy of the extraction and defines the template without changing the code. In addition, it can be extended to an unlimited number of templates. No additional infrastructure is required and it is added as a library component for many processes.

  • Based on business requirements Any AI engine Easily incorporate UiPath document comprehension, Automation Anywhere IQ BOT, Kanverse (Jade’s IDP and conversational chatbots), and more into your framework.

  • If automation involves decisions that humans should make, Jade’s MS Console Makes the process of robot-human collaboration simple and efficient. It also consists of features such as data validation and fallout resolution, retry mechanism, and log maintenance.

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Framework function:

  1. Jade CoE / Advisory Services / Implementation Services provide a better logical approach to process discovery, automation roadmaps, and commercial feasibility / ROI.
  2. Jade offers experienced automation professionals, product partnerships, functional consultants, and technology choices.
  3. Data processing from various input channels such as email, FTP, databases, social media, etc.
  4. Classification and template-based extraction using Jade Engine (Jade’s template engine)
  5. Architectural governance follows integration of best practices, framework definitions, and third-party tools
  6. The framework consists of a process repository, accelerators, and a reusable asset library with reusable components.
  7. The MS Console (Jade’s centralized error handling and retry framework) acts as a human-BOT collaboration, providing a comprehensive logging, reporting, and retry mechanism.

Added value:

The main benefits that organizations can benefit from leveraging the IA framework are:

  1. This framework allows Jade Global to implement processes 30% faster.
  2. The framework flexibly accommodates external integration of applications and servers with a large set of reusable asset libraries.
  3. By using a template engine, this framework improves accuracy and saves the cost of digital documents, not cognitive features.
  4. As a technology-agnostic framework, it can be adapted to any RPA tool

Uncover myths:

Myth: RPA will replace humans!
Several recent topics have sparked so much debate that “robots are taking over the world.” We are here to ruin it. RPA allows enterprises to automate their processes without the need for extensive coding, engineers, or programmers. RPA is not a replacement for humans in an organizational environment, it is designed to work with humans to achieve better results.

The main benefits of RPA are error reduction, reduced management, support for automated quality assurance testing, and faster information aggregation. Automated electronic services are not designed to replace humans or machines. Rather, it can be used to enhance human skills to improve service delivery. The right combination of technology and the right people can help business leaders meet growing customer expectations while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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RPA is useful in complex situations, for example when there are many gaps in the information that the bot needs to enter. A digital workforce is needed to determine where RPA can automate these manual processes. The combination of RPA and cognitive automation technologies such as AI and machine learning opens up a world of opportunities and helps companies realize their full digital potential.

RPA has evolved from a technology focused solely on improving efficiency to a technology capable of true digital transformation. However, you need a set of RPA products that can not only reduce costs, but also integrate with existing workflows and processes, as well as expertise to integrate with existing workflows and processes, as well as automation and digital workforce. Jade Global will help you here!

About the author

Mounika Polsani, Senior Technical Analysts

I work as a Senior Technical Analysts-IA of Jade Global. Overall, I have over 8 years of IT experience and over 3 years of extensive experience in robotic process automation and intelligent automation. We worked with customers in the telecom, healthcare, and manufacturing domains to automate end-to-end business processes.

Get your RPA project executed 30% faster through Jade Intelligent Automation Framework Source link Get your RPA project executed 30% faster through Jade Intelligent Automation Framework

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