Drillers fall short in Platinum Division final at Arvin Holiday Showcase | Sports


ARVIN — Bakersfield High noticed that he was a little too short due to the lack of players already available. This was a bad combination for the Arvin Holiday Showcase Platinum Division title game on Thursday night.

Santa Maria-St. Joseph is characterized by six players taking turns between 5 feet -10 and 6-3, using that length to dominate internal play and finally the fourth. With 49-36 wins in the quarter, he recorded 13 consecutive wins for the Drillers. ..

“We’re here to play against a team like Bakersfield to get the good competition we face (in the playoffs),” said St., who led the team to the title of Central Section Division III last year. Joseph Coach Analyze Riezebos said. .. “So I’m glad I was able to play against the best team in Central Valley.”

Second grade Avary Cain, a 5’10 guard, led the way to Knights (10-3) with the game’s highest 22 points. Half of her points were in the decisive fourth quarter, helping the team recover after the BHS rally.

Bakersfield (13-2) drew 21-11 in the second half, opening the third quarter with a 15-2 run, capped by a long two-pointer by senior guard Kayla Wandick, and teamed 25 at 2:45. Gives a -24 lead. Remained in the period. This has been the first lead for the Drillers since Erica Hayden started scoring the game by making one of two free throws.

After a long three-pointer, Cain tied the match inside the bucket with BHS’s Face Curry 26-26. It’s a 6-foot curry split time with 5-10 senior Mikenzy Willis, but no other Driller player is taller than 5-7 Hayden.

The team’s top scorer, 5-9 Senior Alexis Skill Brew, played modestly in the first half with a high ankle sprain, but did not score and did not play in the second half. BHS also lost the talented 5-9th grade Sara Shein, who had a family duty this week.

“We ran out of gas,” Shehee said. “There were no numbers at that point. I counterattacked, but I don’t have half of the 11 points. As I told the girl, you’re going to dig yourself into a hole, and we get out of it. I couldn’t. “

After a short delay, the Knights seemed to just click on the third game in their full lineup. After moving from Arroyo Grande, 6-foot senior Andrea Stadzic, who played in the first 10 games of the season, finished with 9 points.

Both teams struggled to shoot the ball and joined for only two field goals in the opening quarter. Even when St. Joseph began to heat up, that trend continued because of BHS.

“We knew that Bakersfield would steal the game an average of 20, so we knew their defenses would be appropriate,” Riezebos said. “We struggled against their good defense, where we started to get into a good groove towards the end of the game. But it was certainly a defensive game. Just stop … just offensive. Defense game. “

Wandick scored 8 points in the fourth quarter and finished with the team’s best of 14, while Hayden added 7 points. The drillers also struggled from the free throw line, only 7 out of 14 shots.

“We need to make sure that all our property is doing things the right way,” Shehee said. “We can’t waste our property, and tonight we’ve wasted too much property.”

Drillers fall short in Platinum Division final at Arvin Holiday Showcase | Sports Source link Drillers fall short in Platinum Division final at Arvin Holiday Showcase | Sports