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Every year, around this time, the commercial real estate industry meets during the conference season. It’s time to get together, learn, and build a network.

When the pandemic broke out in 2020, we realized we were virtually doing this. I’ve accepted virtual conferencing a lot, but conferencing doesn’t work.

Yes, the learning session is okay, but the real fun of the convention is to overtake someone in the hall on the way to dinner and invite them to come with you. Or grab Joe’s simple cup with an acquaintance in another market. All of these chance encounters are lost when the meeting is virtual.

Every year, two or three of these decorate my docket — Lee & Associates Summit, Society of Industrial and Office Realtors, and one other. This year’s “Other” was the Commercial Real Estate Influencer Summit. There are also many other companies such as NAIOP, CCIM, Crew Network and ICSC. If you’re leaning that way, you can bounce back and forth throughout the month. But this year two was enough!

Now let’s talk about what’s ahead of our industry in the coming years, based on what I’ve learned.

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Commercial real estate brokerage has been a male-dominated industry for decades and was once closely held among families such as Daums, Dunns, Cushmans, Beitlers and Klabins.

Similar to the trade apprenticeship program, our crafts have been passed down to the next generation, mostly men. But that’s changing! And I say Bravo! It can’t happen right away.

Half of the participants in the CREi Summit were women and minorities. The event’s leadership team was attended by several women who became very famous through social media marketing. Barbi Rueter, the next president of the Commercial Real Estate Women Network in Tucson, Arizona, and Casey Flannery, Memphis, Tennessee, announced at the SIOR conference.

SIOR Global CEO Robert Thornburgh has also signed a pledge promising “a real change in commercial real estate” for our organization.That pledge can be found at Crew / crepledge-for-action.. We look forward to a future in which our business reflects the world.


There were many speakers at both meetings I attended. In general, these are those who have defeated bin Laden, scaled Everest without the help of oxygen, and conquered similar superhuman feats. Motivation is the theme.

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What we get from their experience is the application to our business. Sure, some of my deals this year were equivalent to the K-2 Summit attempt, but I deviate.

But this year our attention peaked – sorry – for the future.

David Nour has written a new book, Curve Benders. The story of Amazon becoming more prominent was particularly interesting. You see, we are all plateaus in our career. Finding a way to bend our “curve” upwards is a challenge. “Commit and Understand” is Mick Ebeling’s mantra from Not Impossible Labs in Southern California itself. Examine some of the “impossible” that Mick has made possible. He’s really amazing!


Everything gets very good when the story is told. I think many of you are like me when you say a story is memorable when you inform, educate, or entertain. Oh yeah, and when they aren’t too long.

Certainly, I can say that I have closed a tough deal similar to the one I am discussing. But if the story is woven into the fabric, the experience will be with you forever.

Backed by a beautiful baritone voice and a fascinating story, Phil Darius Wallace ranks one of the three best speakers I’ve ever enjoyed. Still in my mind is his description of a lovely eagle and chicken that didn’t realize her potential. You see, the chicken was said to be a lifetime chicken, even though it was actually an eagle. I, any soaring goal she missed working under someone’s opinion.

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Wow! What an incredible two weeks. But I’m happy to be at home and get well for the next few months.

SIOR’s Allen C. Buchanan is a principal of Orange Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services.He can reach at Or 714.564.7104.

Commercial real estate leaders push for more diversity – Press Telegram Source link Commercial real estate leaders push for more diversity – Press Telegram