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Checkout Tribes With Cheapest Bride Price In Nigeria




The Yoruba tribe considers their children’s marriages to be extremely important.
They acknowledge that the value of their daughters or wives outweighs the value of money in this way.
As a result, the bridal price does not imply that the lady is being bought by a husband or wife.
The wedding problem is viewed as a combined effort by the two families in the southern parts of Nigeria.

In this situation, the bride price goes from N5,000 to N20,000



The Hausa Muslim clan has without a doubt Nigeria’s cheapest bride price. The bride price commonly referred to as ‘Sadaki,’ is nearly unbelievable low.

This is due to the fact that they are willing to accept a lesser bride price in exchange for more blessings in the marriage.

The bride price goes from a foundation amount known as ‘Rubu Dinar’ in Hausa, an Arabic term that means ‘quarter kilogram of gold piece,’ to the most the groom can afford.


The Fulani are a vast West African tribe with numbers in Nigeria, Chad, and Niger. The Fulani are primarily Muslim people who follow Islamic law.

Dairy cattle are a big part of their culture, and they’re employed in a lot of rites, like weddings. The Fulani, like their Hausa counterparts, are said to have a low bride price.


The bride payment is optional for the Kagoro ethnic group in Kaduna State. The money is only required if the bride’s family requests it from the soon-to-be husband.


Some Delta State tribes, such as the Urhobo, have a modest bride price share. The price in the locality is approximately ₦12, which is paid to the bride’s family.


The Esan tribe in Edo state is known as one of the cheapest to marry from in the country.

According to popular assumptions, people do not appear to sell their young girls for marriage. The bride’s price is stated to be twenty-four dollars (representing 24 cowries or British pounds utilized in the pre-colonial and colonial days).

The bride fee is usually minimal, around ₦20, but there are other significant benefits that will compensate for it afterward.


The Benin-speaking tribes of Edo state is also one of the cheapest tribes in terms of bride prices. The amount of the bride money required when marrying from this location is merely 24 NAIRA.


The Onitsha people of Anambra state estimate their bride prices to be among the lowest in Nigeria’s southern area.
A sum of N40 is required as a bride payment for the wedding.


The Delta state’s Itsekiri people charge their suitors a little price to marry their daughters.
Marriage is undoubtedly affordable in this place.
The groom only has to pay 120 nairas as a bride price.


The Tiv ethnic community of Benue state in northern Nigeria has a reduced bride price as compared to southern Nigeria, where bride prices are relatively high.

All wedding fees, including the bride price and other expenses, are not to be paid within that tribe, according to law and tradition.

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