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California Latinos could tip scales in Tuesday’s recall election of Gov. Newsom



CHULA VISTA, Calif. (Border Report) — The city of Chula Vista is the second largest in San Diego County with well over 200,000 residents, 60 percent of them Latino.

In California overall, Latinos are the largest ethnic group accounting for 40 percent of the population.

Three years ago, two-thirds of registered Latinos voted for Gov. Gavin Newsom providing him with a large margin of victory.

Downtown Chula Vista along 3rd Ave. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

With him facing a recall election, a recent poll done by the Public Institute of California shows Newsom continues to enjoy wide support among Latinos with 66 percent of people polled saying they want him to remain in office.

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But a New York Times report published last week shows a different picture. It states Latinos are split on the recall. And that so far, only 18 percent of all registered Latino voters have turned in their ballots.

In comparison, 32 percent of white voters have already voted.

The figures were compiled by Political Data Inc., a Sacramento-based research group.

Latinos might be backing away from Newsom because Latinos in the state were hit in disproportionate numbers by the COVID-19 virus.

And according to the California Latino Economic Institute, two-thirds of California Latinos suffered income losses during the pandemic as a result of shutdowns and health restrictions.

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But supporters insist Newsom has actually done quite a bit for Latinos when it comes to education and providing more money for English learners as well as giving money to undocumented migrants.

Sixty percent of residents in Chula Vista are Latino according to U.S. Census Bureau. (Salvador Rivera/Border Report)

As for the city of Chula Vista, Border Report conducted a very informal poll along 3rd Avenue in the heart of the city.

Sixty percent of people who were asked said they were against the recall and wanted Newsom to remain as governor.

Thirty percent said they didn’t care one way or another, with 10 percent stating they wanted someone other than Newsom running the state of California.

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The recall election is slated for Tuesday.

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