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Back To Being THAT Girl: Amber Rose Slams Haters Hung Up Over Her Forehead Tattoo & Declares She’s Back To Her Regular ‘Hoe Life’




Source: Splash News / Splash News

Amber Rose is back to her old self again she says, after sharing a series of Instagram posts.

Just a few weeks ago, Amber called it quits with the father of her son, Alexander Edwards, in a messy public feud where she alleged he cheated on her an innumerable amount of times with twelve women. Amid the public drama, Amber revealed to fans that she took a lengthy hiatus due to the alleged toxicity of her relationship. Since the breakup, Amber has returned to Instagram and she’s apparently feeling free and has a lot to say!

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First, Amber put her cakes on full display in a video, announcing that she was back to “hoe life” in the caption.

Amber also seemingly has a good sense of humor over her real-life ordeal pertaining to her son’s father, AE. She shared a joke on an Instagram story that read, “She thought her man was different LOL,” clearing poking fun at herself.

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In her most recent IG post, Amber also addressed fans questioning her controversial forehead tattoo. As previously reported her tatt reads, “Slash and Bash” for Amber’s sons Sebastian “Bash” Taylor Thomaz and Slash Electric Edwards.

Oops — message received! What do YOU think of Amber Roses’s new attitude after a breakup?

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